Easibuild is social

Easibuild's Social Channel API integrates seamlessly with all the latest social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Flickr & LinkedIn.

This means you can publish content directly to those networks from within Easibuild.

Conversely, Easibuild can easily stream updates directly from these networks onto any area of your Web site.

Easibuild can even be configured to automatically push updates to all your social networks, so you only have to update once.

This gives you precise control over the flow of your social information & the direction of your Web traffic.

What Easibuild's really doing here is helping shape your social profile, which also optimises sites for Search Engine indexation - pretty neat you'll agree :)



  • Custom Facebook Apps
  • Secure Easibuild-powered Facebook CMS
  • Popup Facebook Awards & In The Press sections
  • Google Maps-driven Facebook Store Finder
  • Interactive Expert Tips area
  • Secure, database-backed, interactive Facebook Competition


Sisley's Facebook applications are simply and securely administered using Easibuild.  In this case, Easibuild provided the client with a direct means of extending Facebook's inbuilt marketing functionality.

The Store Finder help users find local Sisley stockists by entering postcode / address details & interacting with the custom online map.

Expert Tips displays content from featured make-up artists, all updated on a regular basis by Sisley staff using Easibuild CMS.

The Facebook Competition can similarly by updated by Sisley Paris. The client simply creates a new Competition question within Easibuild, and the CMS automatically captures entries for award & marketing purposes.