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  • Custom image-upload/manipulation app
  • E-commerce platform
  • Cloud-based hosting for scalability
  • Server auto-scaling w/ load balancers for speed & redundancy
  • 3rd-party XML fulfilment integration
  • XML delivery


The Targus Made By Me Web site allows users to upload photos and turn them into customised covers for their mobile devices. Tokens purchased from retail outlets across 14 European countries can be redeemed on-site, Targus guaranteeing delivery within 5 days.

In the first instance Easibuild needed to provide a non-Flash-based image-upload application within a secure and stable environment.

A cloud hosting service is used in this case, for stability and seamless scalability of resources.

Once users' photos are on the site, sophisticated cross-browser client-side functionality allows them to position & resize it upon the phone/device template of their choice.

Once a user is happy with the layout, Easibuild guides them through the redemption process to perform any final layout adjustments and confirm delivery information. Codes are redeemed through a variety of retail/EPoS partnerships, and redemption details exported to XML.

Easibuild then delivers the appropriate imagery to the fulfilment house (via cloud storage), which transfers the artwork onto desired cases using patented print technology and ultimately ensures the product is delivered on-time.

Tens of thousands of device covers have already been redeemed and delivered to satisfied customers using this Easibuild success story.