Easibuild is ecommerce

Easibuild integrates seamlessly with all the major payment providers such as Realex, WorldPay, Paypoint and Paypal.

Easibuild sites have securely processed millions of dollars' worth of transactions.

It has been integrated with most of the major worldwide banks over that period, providing an intuitive shopping experience for your clients.

Orders are processed in real-time and bank accounts debited automatically. We can even make the connection so secure, your bank would accept responsibility for any charge-backs.

Funds are transferred directly into your account in real time and at zero risk.  Easibuild can integrate sales data with your offline accounting & stock management software.

E-Commerce really couldn't be Easier.



  • Portfolio brand Umbrella site
  • Centralized style-data for seamless brand expansion
  • Multiple & growing number of UK-wide franchisee Web sites
  • Super-fast Easibuild-powered jewellery directory searches
  • E-Commerce integration with SagePay & Realex
  • Hitachi Capital Credit application-integration
  • 3D imagery for product detail
  • Automatic Stock-Control & Accounts Management integration

Portfolio Of Fine Diamonds

The Portfolio of Fine Diamonds is a unique project, delivering the UK's best diamond products at the lowest prices via Easibuild's cutting-edge delivery network.

It's a winning combination, as evidenced by the growing number of franchisees across England, Scotland and Wales.  All powered by Easibuild.

This project provides custom Web Services to Portfolio franchisees.  This lets them update their Web sites directly from their long-established offline stock-control systems.  So adding a new product to their Web site is as simple as hitting "Publish to Web" within their existing software.

As items are sold online; retailer bank accounts are automatically credited in real time from chosen payment providers.

Offline Stock-Control systems are subsequently updated, automatically passing sales data to accounts software for fulfilment.

A really simple solution to a complex problem.