Easibuild is Marketing

Easibuild combines the best of targeted online marketing methods with the Internet's global reach.

It allows you to send personalised graphical emails to all your customers at the click of a button. 

These email newsletters always look fantastic, without you needing to design anything. All your articles are automatically linked back to your Web site, encouraging return traffic. 

You can even manage your contacts through Easibuild, making it simpler to drive customers back to your site on an ongoing basis. 

And of course everything is measured: you'll know how many people clicked back to your Web site and where they went when they got there.

So we can accurately gauge the effectiveness of every online email marketing campaign.

Easibuild Makes Web Site Development Simple!

The Easibuild Content Management System has been developed with ease-of-use in mind.  It really is a breeze to use.

The process of setting-up your Easibuild site couldn't be simpler.  Once your account is activated and your Web site designed, you can update your site at any time. From anywhere in the world.

For development, check our sister company Silverink

With Easibuild you can create as many pages as you like. Then reorder them any way you like to create a lovely Web site.

If you need some custom functionality we'll whip up a new template for you to apply at the click of a button.

Want to find out just just how simple Web development is with Easibuild? Give us a call!


Easibuild is Secure

Easibuild is technically very robust. All data is secured and administered behind three independent security tiers. The technology is based on open standards and sites are built on the tried & tested Microsoft IIS/SQL Server platforms.

First-class hosting/failover facilities guarantee minimum 99.99% server uptime. All disks are RAID1/5+1 with multiple hot redundancy. Files & databases are backed-up off-site on a daily & weekly basis.

In addition, your sites are securely hosted in independent application pools.

Your administrative accounts are password-protected with secure connections to standalone database schemas.

E-Commerce connections are delegated to third-party payment-providers, in order to minimize responsibility for your client details and gain the highest level of bank insurance.


Easibuild is Scalable!

The Easibuild Content Management System scales seamlessly with you and your customer base, to deliver your clients a fast, intuitive and responsive browsing experience.

In addition, it integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Amazon S3, to provide global reach and truly unlimited storage.  

So for example, Easibuild will use cutting-edge cloud facilities such as Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure as required.  This lends it all the power & scalability of those global infrastructures.

So whatever the vision for your Web site, Easibuild will scale comfortably alongside your business.  All without compromising on speed, functionality or style.


Easibuild is Accessible

Your site can be delivered adhering W3C Guidelines & Bobby Compliance as required.

We store your site content in secure database structures, separating data from graphics and styling information. Using progressive enhancement and the latest standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 already gives us a head start in ensuring your site is accessible as well as conforming to the very latest web standards.

This ensures people with disabilities can easily navigate your content using alternative technologies such as text-only browsers and screen readers.

Easibuild is hosted at highly secure co-location facilities with redundant, fault-tolerant network infrastructures.

Our co-location partners offer round-the-clock 24 ⁄ 7 ⁄ 365 monitoring.

With all this power and flexibility at our disposal, ensuring accessibility couldn't be easier.


Easibuild is Support

Our standard support contract - included in the basic hosting package - includes telephone support 9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri. Completely free of charge.

That's real people, in real offices, in the United Kingdom & Ireland. On the end of the phone whenever you want them.

That's how confident we are that Easibuild is really simple to use!

This level of support is more than sufficient to keep all sites operational and fault-free.

We have on occasion additionally provided custom Support/Maintenance contracts upon request.  This might cover, for example, on-site training for staff turnover and rolling content/functionality updates.

The message is simple: you're in safe hands with Easibuild.


Easibuild is Mobile

Mobile browsers increase in resolution and bandwidth all the time.  More and more, we find ourselves moving back towards a standardized model of Web content delivery. And that's a good thing!

At the same time, the rise of device-specific Apps has offered a great opportunity to place products & services directly in front of your clients.

The flip-side of device-specific apps is increased cost.

Apps aren't cheap to build, and separate Apps for the iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows platforms aren't cheap to maintain.

Our preferred approach is to focus on Responsive Web delivery, or else develop a single App to robust Web standards.  This way we can simply repackage the same App for each emerging platform.

Either way, Easibuild is the ideal tool to build and maintain your mobile presence.


Easibuild System Requirements: just you!

Easibuild is 100% compatible with PC, Apple Mac and all the major browsers.  

From Internet Explorer, through Firefox and Chrome, to Safari and Webkit - you can use whichever browser you're comfortable with.

That means you won't need special hardware or software to manage your site: simply fire up your favourite browser, login and off you go!

We have long been committed to updating Easibuild as new devices, operating systems and browsers become available.  

This also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of new technologies, improve your experience and deliver new functionality to your customers.

We remain committed to making Easibuild simply work. Wherever you are and whatever you use.


Easibuild is Evolving

Easibuild continues to evolve as new technologies become available. Just a few of the latest features include:

Save E-Marketing emails & view in-browser

Updated javascript/text editor

Publish updates to Twitter / Facebook

Cloud hosting integration: Amazon Web Services

Flickr image management integration

Ajaxify server-side data tables

Site previews

News links include URL categorisation

Members export facility

Image caption in news table

CSS grid for front display

Lat/long for directory template

Find and Replace text

Complete Redesign

Responsive (Desktop/Tablet)

Touch compatibility

Photo-upload from iOS

Multiple speed improvements

HTML5 audio and video support