Easibuild is responsive

With Responsive Web Design your site will automatically reformat  to look fantastic on phones, tablets & desktop browsers.

Part of this process is the delivery of incredibly lightweight pages for lightning-fast download (Examples).

It also provides a single point-of-update for your entire online presence: that means faster updates & no replication of content.

On top of all this, you will avoid the added costs of platform-specific app development & maintenance: and if you've ever costed app development, that's a pretty large saving!

Finally, Easibuild can even customise menus, layouts, presentation & functionality for specific devices.  

So you're effectively getting multiple sites & apps within one simple-to-use package!


Pronuptia Bridal

  • Responsive design with mobile breakpoint
  • Mobile-friendly swipe control
  • Zoom-in on dresses & accessories
  • Integrated Facebook feed
  • Sale Items updates automatically post to Facebook

Responsive web Designs

Designed with mobile/tablets presentation in mind, the Pronuptia site was developed using Mobile First & Progressive Enhancement methodologies.

Non-technical Pronuptia staff update all site content using Easibuild - from elegant cycling Home-page imagery to auto-zooming product photography.

Facebook is particularly effective for Pronuptia.  So instead of competing with it, Easibuild integrates & harnesses its social-networking power to promote real-world sales.

When Pronuptia staff add Sale Items to the site, they are simultaneously updated on the Home Page & posted to Facebook.  This has proven really effective at driving greater volumes of social traffic back to the Web site & ultimately into the shop.